Dear Customer,

Please read the full contents of this announcement, as your attention is required.

Many of you are now aware of the news regarding the surprise price hike introduced by cPanel - this has come as a shock to the entire industry, so we wanted to contact you to make you aware of our current position, views and aims moving forward as a business with full transparency.

You may, or may not be aware that some months ago cPanel was acquired by a Venture Capitalist group called Oakley Capital. It was clear for us and many others in the industry that we were to expect an increase in pricing following the announcement in order to help them recuperate the money spent acquiring cPanel. 

The surprising result was that cPanel has now chosen to change from a “A fixed price license for unlimited users” to a “Charge per user on the server, as a whole” structure. In some cases, we are seeing price increases of between 600% and 1200% on some servers.

We understand many of you are already aware of the news - many of you have reached out to see how this would impact us as a business, and of course the service we provide to you as our clients. If you haven't yet read anything in relation to the increase, we recommend you read

Therefore, cPanel has left us with two options; either we increase our prices on both existing and new cPanel accounts OR Migrate to a new alternative Control Panel (Preferably DirectAdmin).

It will be unfair to increase our hosting prices on both existing and new cPanel accounts since we strive to remain the cheapest most reliable unlimited hosting provider hence we have decided it will be best to migrate your websites to a new control panel as we no longer trust cPanel any more (They may still increase their license prices again in future just as they did now).

In the next few weeks we will be deploying a new server to facilitate this new development - The new server will be FasterBigger and even more Reliable....Stay Tuned.

We appreciate your business and look forward to growing with you!


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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